Major increase in elver and salmon runs on UK rivers

Some UK rivers are having the best runs of salmon since the 1920’s according to recent media reports. The number of salmon caught on rod and line on the River Tay last month jumped from 307 in 2012 to at least 700 in April 2013. The conditions are said to be similar to those of the 1920s, when a 64lb fish was landed by Georgina Ballantine in 1922. This fish is still the largest Atlantic salmon caught on rod and line in Scotland. See the link below for more information:-

River TAY
Monster salmon from the River Tay at Murthly, May 2013

Meanwhile there has also been an incredible increase in elver catches on the River Severn. Severn elver numbers could reach 100 million this year – ten times last year. Fishermen say it is the largest harvest they’ve seen in 30 years. Fishermen have seen a 10 fold increase in the numbers of elvers and glass eels in the River Severn this spring. In recent years fishermen have caught just a few million of the animals through the entire season, but this year they claim to have landed up to 100 million. See the link below for further details:-

It is not clear if these events are related, or what has influenced this upturn. Catch and release has been said to be helping salmon stocks in Scotland, however the very cold winter and spring along with changes in the gulf stream may be having a positive influence.

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