Is the ESB doing doing enough for silver eels on the River Shannon?

Is the ESB doing enough for silver eels on the Shannon or is their trap and transport exercise little more than another public relations stunt? They will do good to catch 30% of the eels, and it is likely to be less than this. The eels they catch and handle will have a mortality factor involved. The rest of the eels then have to go through the turbines at Ardacrusha, where mortality is likely to be very significant. The large females, which are the most vital for the survival of the species, are disproportionately likely to be hurt, damaged or killed by the turbines due to their larger size. This is an endangered species, and this is just not good enough in our opinion.

Silver eels caught in coghill nets are are likely to suffer from significant physical damage, stress and mortality as a result of being held in nets against the full flow of the river

See our full discussion here:-

A bypass system for silver eels is needed for the Shannon scheme
Parteen weir on the Lower River Shannon
Parteen weir on the Lower River Shannon: Water could be spilled from here continuously during the silver eel run.

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