Parteen weir, December 2014

These are some selected photos of Parteen weir on the Lower River Shannon which were taken during December 2014. Parteen weir regulates the water flow in the Old River Shannon and diverts water to Ardnacrusha hydroelectric scheme. The old river gets a compensation flow of 10 cubic meters of water per second (cumecs), with the next 400 cumecs diverted down the headrace to the power station. This low and generally unvaried flow has caused a significant ecological and physical deterioration of the Old River Shannon. There are some photos of the Old River Shannon downstream of Parteen Regulating weir provided.

For further information see these posts:-

We are campaigning for an increased and more variable discharge to be released from Parteen weir. We are also looking for greater use to be made of the spillway at Parteen to allow silver eels and smolts to bypass the turbines. It is clear that a new fish pass is also required for Parteen weir. There is scope for installing a large-scale rock ramp to run around the dam on the eastern bank for example!

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