About the old river shannon trust

The Old River Shannon Trust was set up to research and raise awareness about issues affecting the Old River Shannon, and the changes that have occurred on the water body in the first century since the Shannon Scheme. Our mission statement is ” To research and raise awareness about issues affecting the Old River Shannon, in the interests of future sustainable management of this internationally important waterbody. To assess if current management of the waterbody is compliant with the Habitats Directive, Water framework Directive and in the interests of catchment residents and user groups“.
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Where is the Old River Shannon?

The Old River Shannon is the stretch of river between Parteen Weir and Limerick City that is affected by the Shannon Scheme (1929). The waterbody is part of the Lower Shannon candidate Special Area of Conservation. This stretch of river receives a compensation flow of 10 cumes, which approximates the natural Dry Weather Flow (nDWF) in the catchment. This compensation flow was set almost 100 years ago and may need to reviewed. The fish passage facilities on the Shannon dams were built in the 1960s and may need to replaced. Development is taking place on the old flood plains, and this may need to be curtailed.
This group has been set up against the background of proposals to abstract 4 cumecs from the mid-Shannon area; currently in the absence of consideration of future hydrological requirements of the Lower Shannon. Other issues such as the implications of future privatisation of the ESB, who currently control the river  will be considered. This group has been set up to investigate, raise awareness  and advise on a suitable future management protocols for this internationally important waterbody, in the interests of ecology, hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, cultural heritage and of course the catchment residents and varied user groups on the river.
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7 Thoughts

  1. Delighted to discover your site; do you hold any contact meetings, lectures etc. Well done and best wishes Pat O’Brien

  2. Absolute fantastic site, I am in admiration of the work ethic of the contributors on this site, we need organizations like this and I would go far in saying without groups like this the Irish waterways will be in massive trouble…

  3. Hi I am an graduated water engineer from Holland looking for some months work in Ireland Limerick. Can I be of help for your organisation?

      1. As iv said I love work thats been done by This organisation. Imyself have fished this river for over 30 years been from castleconell village iv seen this river gradually deteriorate from a mighty salmon river to its present state of disrepair. My father also worked in the upkeep of the present beats and battery’s which are no longer fishable.I would love to see my son and future generations enjoy this great river as i did. Iv been keeping upto date with projects in British Colombia and The work to increase water flow to reinstate fish stocks. Let’s hope this mighty river can be returned to its former glory before its too late . I would love to help in any way possible. Regards mark sheppard

  4. brilliant page .. Im living here in limerick and was out at the Parteen weir ..all gates closed , its a wonder the salmon cant get up the Shannon, I have a video done on it. its called. Saving The Salmon In Ireland…i only uploaded last night…

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