Meelick, January 2014

Meelick weir lies downstream of Banagher, and regulates the river level for Victoria Lock; the first lock on the Shannon navigation upstream of Lough Derg.

The only rapids and alluvial woodland – in the entire middle reaches of the River Shannon – occur downstream of this weir. Even here you do not experience the full flow of the river, as much of the flow is diverted away from here via the “new cut”. The river channel downstream of the weir was dredged and heavily modified during Victorian times; however this is still a very wild place.

If you ever want to get an appreciation of what the Old River Shannon may have looked like before the Shannon scheme, then go here.

4 Thoughts

  1. The river channel downstream of the weir was dredged and heavily modified during Victorian times;

    Upstream not downstream of the weir

  2. Dear Dr Connors
    InThe early 80 s 10 000 salmon where going through Meelick. This place, i know by hart,i ve been staying for 35 years between two and three times a year at Meelick lodge that was Meelick school originaly, was a paradise:.The mouth of the little Brosna, fabulous salmon and trout watters on the shanon river bellow Meelick damp… i’m not sure 500 salmon still pass there.
    The entiere place is covered in weeds mutant or foreign spicee. it was possible in july to see 100 trout rising to sedges at the same time in the evening; roach rudds weeds cormorants all those problem comming from agriculture. I hunderstand your purpose to give back to the shannon its original shape… but do not you think the first job to do for a river like this would be to provide an original water quality. the number of tons of rocks put here and there by human hand has no importance really/ what will be left in 100 years?

    1. Thanks for your comments Marc and I do agree that Water quality is perhaps the most serious issue on the Shannon overall. I did a biological water quality survey at Meelick last summer and rated it as ‘Moderately Polluted’. I bet you that less than 500 salmon pass here at this stage however, and this is not all down to water quality. The floods at the moment may result in a cleaner Shannon for this summer!

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